About the Artist

My birth name is Arthur Sam McIver but you may call me Hoss, everyone does. I have had a passion and knack for doing the creative things you see on my site since I was just a little Hoss’er. I come by my talent naturally from my parents and I can honestly say without their support and understanding, all those hours watching cartoons might have gone to waste.

I started as a freelance artist at a young age and have been fortunate enough my whole life to learn from some very talented people. Through high school and college my main studies were all art related. It was at this time I learned that I had a talent for creativity, but it was two years after college while working the animation studios at Walt Disney that I learned– I still have a lot to learn.

Hoss Studio was created for all those people, like me, that like to give something of themselves to make others happy. My first creations were Christmas ornaments for my family. Each family member received a customized ornament tailored for his or her individual personality. It was the feeling I got watching their expressions as each, one by one, opened their gift that inspired Hoss Studios. The idea for CLAYme’s came shortly after.

CLAYme’s were an ornament taken to a much higher level. Instead of just the personality, why not just recreate the person and the personality. The rest of this story is located in each Hoss creation you view on this site. I appreciate you taking the time to get to know Hoss and keep popping in once in a while to see what’s new.